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    Hey yall!

    I’ve been using SpaceDesk for a long time now, I made a lego slide-on for my TV that blocks the flickering X symbol BUT I recently found out how I can get rid of it but it’s pretty weird.

    Quick why it works: The X to close button on the top right only shows on the display that the screenshare was started on.

    How to fix it:

    1: Start the Spacedesk Viewer application on a different monitor than the one you want the screen to be on. (1)
    2: Drag the connected SpaceDesk viewer to the monitor you actually wanna have it on.
    3: fullscreen the app there.

    (*1): If you have a resolution within the “Other screen resolutions” for a weird aspect ratio screen like your phone, make sure the screen you start the spacedesk viewer app on has the same resolution as the screen you want the second monitor to be.

    If you have questions ask them below or add me on Discord by the same username.

    I personally use Spacedesk atm to both connect to my Steamdeck while it’s docked, but I also now just have my TV connected to my Steamdeck dock by default and stream a second screen for my main rig on my Steamdeck.
    It took a few times for me getting annoyed by the flickering X button and having made a slideon for the TV that I found out how it actually dissapeared

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