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    Hello, nice tool.
    I’m using iOS and I wanted to know how to open the Settings without completely shutting down the app.
    Sometimes it asks me if I wanted to stop the connection but I don’t know what gesture triggers that.

    I have also a problem with rotation:
    When disabling auto-rotation of server-
    -I must manually set to horizontally on PC to use the phone in landscape mode.
    When enabling auto-rotation of server-
    -I cannot set the correct orientation because the auto-update overwrites the setting.
    So in both cases the error is the app confusing the correct orientations like this:
    -If the Phone is horizontally, the orientation is correct.
    -If the Phone is rotated to the left, the view is rotated clockwise by 90 degrees.
    -If The Phone is any of the 2 other orientations, the view is rotated counter-clockwise by 90 degrees.

    My System:
    iPhone 12 mini, iOS 16.2, Windows 7, USB Tethering

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    Hi @rikku33,

    1. You can only open the viewer settings if it’s not connected to the primary machine.
    2. “Sometimes, it asks me if I want to stop the connection, but I don’t know what gesture triggers that.” – This behavior should only occur when a pinch gesture is made on the screen; no other gesture should trigger it. Are you perhaps accidentally pinching the screen?
    3. Regarding the rotation issue, could you please provide a video clip that shows the actual issue you are encountering?


    2. Maybe, I just read about the meaning of pinch gesture. So didn’t have tested yet.
    3. How am I supposed to do that. Use a second phone? The problem is only as described when activiting auto-rotation. If disabled it behaves different. And if I manage to duplicate the desktop, which isn’t always allowed by windows, it gets even more strange and reverts back to Extend Mode at the second rotation.


    Yes, this was the gesture. Thanks. If you want I can tell you more problems.
    If I ask the Internet my iPhone has a screen resolution of 2340 * 1080.
    If I set this resolution, windows reports it as correctly taken. But that didn’t happen always. I got the feeling I first have to add the IP to make the change worky. Can this be true?
    Windows seems to remember the horizontal-setting which is nice.
    When playing a full screen video in VLC everything is flattened.
    If moving the window in the middle of both monitors it seems the height is 2.5 times higher as it should.
    And the mouse will not click where I click. In horizontal rotation everything seems coorect.
    Ah, now I see: The screen output will be stretched as if it was 1080 * 2340.
    Now guess what would happen if I try to set this resolution? “max 2436 * 1125” 🙁


    Sorry for my bad english, I’m from germany.
    If I set landscape mode the resolution and VLC window are correct. But only as long as the phone lies on the ground. When lifted it gets rotated 90 degrees clockwise. In all 3 orientations. It does not rotate further by standing on the head sometimes. But now I have made a video with VLC in fullscreen:


    Now I managed to start in landscaped mode (which leaves only a few pixels to click to start the connection).
    This changes the outcome:
    -correct aspect ratio now and when rotation back to this
    -when rotating to the left (so the phone stands on the head) it rotates to correct aspect ratio
    -when rotating further to the left the screen is flipped standing on top at correct aspect ratio
    -when rotating back (so the phone stands on the head again) it rotates to correct aspect ratio but this time the screen is flipped standing on top
    -when instead rotating further (now the cable on the left side) the screen is flipped on top at correct ratio
    -when rotating further (now cable down) the screen is rotated to the left and stretched the player beeing on the left side of the phone
    -when finally rotating back to start it is as correct as at start 🙂


    There are even more problems: In this last state i cannot enter fullscreen properly. Moving my finger will make the VLC window flicker weirdly and the fullscreen controls will not show when moving the mouse.


    When watching the flickering the VLC player keeps being maximized window but in 3 diffent sizes:
    -at correct full size
    -partly outsize the screen as if height and width were flipped
    -as if the screen had only 1080 * 1080
    The desktop itself keeps being in place. Something must confuse the player.


    Hi @rikku33,

    We were able to reproduce the Rotation Issue.
    The rotation problem seems to depend on your device’s physical orientation before connecting to the server.
    If you hold your device in portrait mode and then connect to the server, the display will show the wrong orientation result.
    However, if you start with it in landscape mode, the display rotation will turn out correctly.

    For now, please use it as a temporary workaround (hold the device in landscape -> connect). We will try to reproduce the other issues you’ve mentioned while our iOS developer looks into these issues as well.


    When using magnifying glass i can scroll to the top right by moving the mouse with one finger on the edge of the screen. It works the other way, too but not until the bottom left. It stops before. So one could not reach start button. The mouse works but I wanted to use that without.


    If I’m not mistaken multitouch to zoom or scroll the screen would only be possible if installing an extra driver. Well at least some laptop touchpads need extra drivers for this. Which leaves the question if this will be implemented. If I think further I don’t even know if windows 7 supports smooth zooming. 😀
    So thanks for your support. Hope I could be helpful.

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    Hi @spacedesk-christian,

    I see a similar behavior with an iPad 9 (iPadOS 17.0.3).

    Connecting via network works without any issues. Only the presented desktop is rotated by 180°.

    Current workaround: locking the screen in iOS and rotating the iPad by 180°.

    If you need more detailed information and/or maybe testing on other iOS/iPadOS devices, please ping me by email. (#Support free software for private use)


    Hi @shrug,

    We tried reproducing this issue; however, we can only reproduce the rotation issue at 90°. We have already forwarded that one to our iOS developer for investigation and will inform you once a fix is ready for testing since the issue is very similar.
    BTW: Thank you for providing your current workaround, this is very helpful for other users as well.


    Hi @rikku33, @shrug,
    We just released a new version of spacedesk iOS viewer, which includes the fix for the rotation issue you were encountering.
    Please update your viewer to v1.0.54 and let us know if this fixes the issue for you.

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