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    Add remote Microphone and add back remote Speaker functionality. It’ll be really useful for me. Thanks.


    Hi @webcubed,

    Audio Speaker is available in the Windows 7 Viewer and Android Viewer,
    while Audio Speaker for iOS and UWP viewer (Windows Store Client) will be available very soon.


    Compared with similar apps, I’d like Spacedesk to have possibility of zooming.


    Hi @omi221,

    Which viewer are you using?
    Zooming is possible in both spacedesk Windows 7 viewer and the spacedesk UWP viewer for Windows 10.
    In Windows 7, you can zoom in/out using your mouse’s scroll wheel.
    In the Windows 10 viewer, make sure to enable the ‘Scale’ option in the settings > display. Once enabled, you can zoom in and out on the spacedesk screen with your mouse’s scroll wheel.


    I mean when I am using my android tablet as the second monitor, it is smaller than normal monitor. I’d like to have the ability to zoom on a portion of the it

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @omi221,

    zoom in/out feature will be available soon on Android viewer app.

    If the desktop objects appear to be smaller on the Android viewer app,
    you may set a smaller resolution in the viewer app.
    Just go to Menu -> Settings -> Resolution, check ‘Use custom resolution’ and choose a resolution that fits the aspect ratio of your device. Upon connect, select the new resolution on the Windows Display settings.


    Thank you very much

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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