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    hello, Im new to SpaceDesk on Apple devices. recently I installed SpaceDesk on my iPhone 11 (Apple A13 Bionic CPU) and it worked super smoth fine and brilliantly, but next I installed SpaceDesk on my iPad Mini 2 (Apple A7 1.3 CPU) and I was shockingly surprised how slow and laggy and glitchy it works. Both “setups” are tested on iOS cable connection, to Windows 10 Pro PC.

    Can you please share your experience, if that is normal behaviour for iPad Mini 2 device, or I should keep researching what can be fixed from my side. Because truly I cant imagine a lot of people could use SpaceDesk with so much laggs.

    Im asking such question, because I use SpaceDesk a lot on my very old laptops with Celeron CPU and even on very old machines using Ethernet cable the SpaceDesk works great. I cant understand what is wrong with iPad Mini 2 version, it is much mor epowerful than 2011 Celeron

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    Hi @ivan1884,
    What is the app version installed on your iPad Mini 2? Is it 1.76?
    Does this only happen during USB connections? how about in Wi-Fi?
    Could you please try to check/uncheck the USB Cable iOS in spacedesk Console? and/or reboot both your Windows 10 and iPad Device then try again with spacedesk.
    Looking forward to your feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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