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    I have been using and updating Spacedesk for about 2 years so far.

    I am using it between Windows 8.1 and Android Lollipop.

    It was more stable a while ago at around version 0.9.44 .

    The current issue now is that as soon as I connect the Windows explorer hangs and I need to restart the explorer.exe and sometimes it would keep on hanging until I stop the Spacedesk service and starting it again.

    This issue showed up in the past 2 updates. I am not sure if this issue started after I did a Windows update or just from the latest Spacedesk updates. I do have over 50 programs running in the background as well but even with it, it was always more stable than it has been lately.

    Spacedesk has been at Beta for a several years since it started. I assume that is because it is not easy to get it to be 100% stable. Will it always be free or is that just during the Beta testing phase? (All other similar products are not free).

    Let me know if you need more information. I will most probably be downgrading it back to an older version by the end of this week.

    The Graphics card is Intel.

    Spacedesk an amazing program, just needs to be more stable.

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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @johncoool,
    Thanks for the info. We will try to reproduce it.
    For further analysis, could you please send us the dxdiag of your Windows 8.1 machine?
    Just run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine, click “Save all information” and send us the output file.
    Can you also quickly try with v0.9.73 if the issue is also present. You can download it here.


    Thanks for the response.

    I cannot share the details in a public forum. I can send it to your inbox but I am unable to find the link for that in your profile. Please DM me and I will send the info that way.

    I think that I found the conflicting software. The software is called Winlock professional. It is a paid security program. You can find it in the below link.
    Winlock professional link:

    It does not hang every single time. It would either do so each time or once every 2-3 times.

    Winlock professional conflicts with Internet Explorer but it does not hang the Explorer.exe.

    Maybe a newer version would not conflict with it but I just have an old version and an upgrade is not free.

    Space desk connects normally when I disable the Winlock. Which is a workaround.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

    Will it always be free or is that just during the Beta testing phase?

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    I did not receive an feedback yet from the Spacedesk team after my last post a few days ago.

    Here are the new updates from me.

    I found a newer version for testing of the Winlock pro software and will be testing it over the next few weeks.

    I will be updating this post within the next month depending on the new results.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @johncoool,
    Thanks for the info – apologies for delayed feedback.
    I think there’s no need for the dxdiag info to analyze this problem.
    It seems that it’s a conflict between WinlockPro and Windows Explorer, we cannot do anything about it on our side.

    Hopefully this new version of WinlockPro that you will try will fix its issue with the explorer.
    Maybe you can also play around with the WinlockPro settings, I saw that it has various settings.
    It probably has a specific settings there that directly affects the Windows Explorer.

    By the way, spacedesk non Beta version will be released hopefully within this year.
    It will be thru the viewer apps from various App Store (Apple App Store/Google Playstore/Microsoft Store).
    The server/driver side will always be free to download (only viewer app will have a pay/Pro version).


    Thank you for the response.

    I will be updating this post once I have the results of the newer version of Winlock pro and that way you can have the information in your database. The update will be within 2-4 weeks because it takes time to be sure and accurate.

    I have had Winlock for over one year and it did cause some issues with the older versions of the Spacedesk server. So I am not sure why it started happening more frequently with the more recent updates. It could be related to a recent Windows update that changed something in Windows explorer.

    The current Winlock Pro version is 6.22 released in 2014.

    The new one I will be testing with is version 8.47, released in 2021


    I am here to confirm that Spacedesk worked perfectly with a newer version of Winlock Professional.

    So the solution would be to upgrade to a newer version if there are issues as mentioned in the 1st post.

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