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    First of all, thank you to the developers. This is great software!

    my set up is: windows 11 pc running MSFS 2020.
    Plus 4 old iPads, that are instrumentation panels for msfs

    When the iPads connect via Wi-Fi, they work 100% and are seen by windows pc as 4 monitors.

    Since I want to avoid Wi-Fi congestion and keep display rates high, I connect the iPads via usb and turn off Wi-Fi.

    Connection via usb, works 50% of the time.sometimes it works if I reboot iPads and pc. Sometimes after 10 minutes the iPads ask me if I want to connect.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can make them connect via usb 100%?



    Hi @jerryss
    -Are you using original lighting cables for your iPads? it is recommended to use the cable from Apple.
    -How do you connect the cables..are you using USB hub or do you plug them directly into USB ports?
    -Please check if the USB ports are functioning properly without spacedesk.
    -Please also make sure that you are using the latest spacedesk Driver and iOS viewer from the appstore
    -Lastly, could you try restarting the app after you plug the cables?


    Yes, original Apple lightning cables. All plugged into usb A ports on pc.

    Latest software ok

    USB working

    Problem only occurs 50% of the time.

    I just rebooted pc, and it worked after second boot


    Hi @jerryss,
    spacedesk USB connection for iOS depends on iTunes being installed and running.
    Did you install iTunes from Microsoft Store or Apple Website?
    In case of Microsoft Store iTunes also needs to be started (up and running) once.
    Please also check spacedesk Driver Conasole. It indicates if iTunes is avaialable and running.
    Please let us know if this helped.


    After rebooting it will work 50% of the time. Last night I rebooted 4 times before it worked.

    iTunes is installed and launching to app doesn’t seem to help.

    I will try turning off spacewalk on pc next week when I get home

    Thanks again for your help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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