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    Suggestion: for smooth, uninterrupted performance during high system load, set the priority of SpaceDeskService.exe to “High.” Otherwise, I notice display performance lags severely if my CPU is under load. Setting the priority manually in Task Manager eliminated the issue. The service is very efficient, so there is no threat of operational interference.

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @gsearle5,

    we like the idea. Nice reasoning but things are not that simple.
    spacedeskservice.exe has multiple threads (tasks). The relevant threads (encoding and transmission) are already running on high priority since spacedesk was released on 2014.

    We are really wondering why you could observe such behavior.
    Which Windows operating system are you running?
    Which other applications running that could possibly interfere with spacedesk?
    Any other ideas? For example, was there a Windows update downloading on the background slowing down network traffic? Maybe the download finished coincidently at the same time that the priority was set to high in Task Manager?


    I have a fully-updated version of Windows 11 Professional. Spacedesk is running in wired mode via USB for performance reasons. I have a rendering task running at normal priority which takes up all 20 logical cores of the computer, pinning the CPU at 100% load. Moving the mouse pointer on the Spacedesk screen when this is running with no application underneath (to interfere with pointer movement on mouse-over events with CPU contention), it is a little more laggy if spacedeskservice.exe is running at normal priority than at high priority.

    Granted, this is extreme conditions and the difference is minor. Thanks for explaining that the threads are already running at high priority. When I reported this, I probably had an application running on the second screen that was grabbing at the mouse pointer. Doing so with a blank screen shows the effect is minimal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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