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    I’m encountering this issue where the screen tears only on the Mi Pad 5.

    I have other devices working well, such as Mi Note 10 Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and some more that I tested.

    The resolution matches the native, 2560 x 1600, the refresh rate is locked to 60 on the Mi Pad 5 Spacedesk app, Android system and Windows 11 display settings.

    I have tried uninstalling drivers, playing with VSync options, making sure the SpacedeskService is on real-time and high, adding the service to the Nvidia control panel and putting it on the GPU, setting the GPU in Windows to specific Nvidia, and all drivers are up to date, windows 11 also.

    The only thing that I suspect is the colour bit depth in the advanced display setting in Windows is dead set on 8-bit even though everywhere else is 24-bit.

    Also tried different refresh rates on the Android system, different USB ports on my laptop and different high-quality USB cables.

    Another thing that bugs me is that in the adrenalin software for the integrated AMD GPU that I assume controls display output it says FreeSync is not supported, I have researched about activating it but I have a laptop and the only thing I found it for monitor settings using monitor specific menus.
    I’m not sure what else I can try out, but I would appreciate any recommendations.


    Hi @ronalpinhos,
    I see, so there are no screen tears on your other devices except for your Mi Pad 5. This suggests that the issue may not be on the server side. Could you please check lower resolutions on your Mi Pad 5 to see if you can also observe screen tearing when using WiFi connection?”
    also, could you please send us a screenshot/photo of the screen tear issue?


    Hey mate. Thanks for the answer.

    Indeed, there are no issues in other devices, only the Mipad 5.

    I have done as you said, and yes, it only happens on 4k resolution.

    I have done more troubleshooting:

    1. Wiped data and reinstalled the APKs to the January 23rd version, I missed that update somehow.

    2. Set the custom resolution to the resolution of the Mi Pad 5 and disable native resolution, same for the Samsung Tab.

    3. Adjusted the compression in the Windows Spacedesk program to 92 for the Mi Pad and 82 on the Galaxy tab, In the past this compression gave me bad image quality, but now, I suspect thanks to the latest update and resolution setting the quality is good and I’m getting a way for fluid motion than before, great in sports.

    4. I have learned that my display is hardwired to the AMD integrated IGPU, so the Nvidia control panel does not do much, no remux to switch either. In addition, my AMD CPU is not compatible with Freesync, so there is that.

    At this point, it was working well but when adjusting the scaling of the Mi Pad in Windows display settings the problem came back again, I rebooted and left it at 100%, as recommended by Windows, and the problem went away.

    I rebooted and after a while of 100% scaling I switched back to 250% to try and there is no tearing for now, Im not sure what can cause this miracle, but it is surely welcome.

    I also have Vsync set to Fast and Superresolution to 4, just to try out things I do not remember when I set it up that way but it was in the last batch of changes, I won’t be changing any more settings since I finally managed to make it work, the problem is that I changed so many things that I do not know what fixed the issue, which Im sure will come back to bite me later on.

    I will keep you posted, thank you for your time.


    Could you please check lower resolutions on your Mi Pad 5 to see if you can also observe screen tearing when using WiFi connection?”

    The issue does not appear on Wifi, only on Android USB cable connection. Not present on lower resolutions either.

    also, could you please send us a screenshot/photo of the screen tear issue?

    I took a screenshot video with the snipping tool but the issue was not present on the video, but present on the screen, then I solved the issue not sure how by surprise so I do not have one.

    The tearing was 1, 2 or 3 horizontal bands, from side to side, on the middle sections of the screen, never touching the bottoms or tops. The bands widths were approximately a 4th of the display, and they were frozen on an earlier frame from the video for a few seconds and then played the video with a delay.


    Hi @ronalpinhos,
    Thank you very much for your input.
    We will keep on monitoring this issue, in case the problem happens again, please take a screenshot and send it to us.

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