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    Hello there! First of all, thank you for an amazing app and all your work.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. I’ve been using SpaceDesk (USB, Android) as a second monitor for my Windows laptop. It seems like my laptop is working harder than when I use a regular second monitor with HDMI/DisplayPort. When playing a game on my main monitor and running even some lightweight apps on the SpaceDesk monitor, I notice a ~20% in-game fps drop. Is SpaceDesk generally more resource-intensive than a standard monitor setup?

    2. When connecting my Android Tablet, an icon labeled “Non-Commercial Viewer connected” shows up on the taskbar, and I can’t hide it. Is it possible to hide it? I found previous posts about a similar problem, but I think they were referring to the connection window.


    Hi @evalexan,
    For #1, Could you tell us what resolution are you using? maybe you can try a smaller resolution and see if the performance will improve. Could you also check if videowall is enabled in spacedesk Driver Console, if yes, please try to disable it.
    if possible, could you also provide us with diagnostic info, just follow the steps below:
    spacedesk Console > Diagnostics > click “Save all information” (you do not have to enable the ‘diagnostic collection’ option) > click NO on the pop-up admin privileges permission then save the output in a single zip file and send it to us.

    For #2. The non-commercial window pop-up is designed to remain visible in the taskbar unless you are using a viewer with a commercial license. minimizing it is the only thing to do, this behavior is expected for users who uses free versions or non-commercial viewers, and the only way to remove this window is by switching to a commercial-type viewer.


    Thank you for reply. I’m using my native tablet resolution (2560×1536).

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    Hi @evalexan,
    Thank you very much for providing the required files.
    Have you tried the suggestions on my last reply?
    Could you tell us what settigns are you using in spacedesk Android viewer? (Quality, Encoding Color Depth, FPS, Rendering Color Depth) .


    I ran some tests: image quality and color encoding don’t affect performance much, but resolution and framerate matter. So, the issue is likely with my GPU, not SpaceDesk.

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