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    So I have USB connection enabled, and the app shows the USB is connected, but if I disconnect the USB cable the table still works as a second display over the WIFI. So, my question is, how can one verify that the communication is actually taking place over the USB connection and the USB is not just charging the tablet while communication is actually taking place over WIFI? I mean, you’d think that while using USB there would be no need to a WIFI connection, but even when enabling USB, the app still states that WLAN is “Always on”? Why does it need to be “ALWAYS ON”? Also, on a side note, the menu box on the app, is there a way to remove it or at lease make it remember where you moved it? As it stands, if I turn off the table, when I restart, the menu box revert back to it’s original position which isn’t ideal for my application of this tool?

    spacedesk Marcel

    Yes, correct! spacedes Driver Console cannot YET switch OFF Local Area Network (wireless and cable). In one of the very next spacedesk releases this will be fixed. Then you will be able to switch LAN connections ON/OFF independently of the USB connections. In the meantime you can still clearly recognize if the connection is over USB or LAN. Just look underneath CONNECTIONS branch in Driver Console.

    A USB connection looks like this (contains the term USB):
    SM-G991B \\?\USB#VID_18D1&PID_2D01&MI_00#6&164e7346&bc&0000#{09daef26-7ee9-4bfe-a046-a8a4ea91a2cc}

    A network connection looks like this (contains an IP Address):

    Thanks also for the hint that spacedesk Driver Console does not remember Window position. We might consider adding this.


    You could test the USB by turning the wifi off on your computer, right?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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