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    So i use Spacedesk everyday,and since few days ago,when playing League of Legends,when im conected with laptop to spacedesk,on my main monitor League locks to 60fps,and only unlocks once i exit spacedesk,why is this happenig allof a sudden?

    and i dont see any setting that relates to this issue


    Hi @anatos,
    We would also like to know the following:
    – Viewer app (Android/iOS/Window)?
    – Network Connection type (wired/wireless)?

    it could also be that your main monitor is set to a different refresh rate when sapcedesk is connected.
    Could you please try connecting your secondary machine to spacedesk -> go to Windows settings -> system -> display -> click your main monitor (usually labeled as 1) -> scroll down and click Advance Display -> then choose your preferred refresh rate.

    note: in case you are using duplicate mode, it is expected that your main monitor’s fps will be capped to 60fps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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