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    This is a fantastic piece of software. I really need the viewer and driver to run on the same computer, as in connect to itself. Is there a way to tweak it to allow me to connect to Thanks!!!

    Why you ask?

    I’ve got a BIG monitor occupying a ton of space. For live streaming I need to share a FULL SCREEN to enable certain features. I can’t share my whole screen because that would be too much. I can’t share a portion because that doesn’t enable those features. I’d love to share a Spacedesk display that doesn’t exist, and choose resolution. I do however want to be able to see the content that is being shown on it and that’s where the Viewer comes in. I can open it when I need it. When I don’t I can minimize it without disturbing the feed. All with one big display.

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    Hi @shaglord,
    Current spacedesk Windows Viewer app does not support it. But you can try local host connection with spacedesk HTML5 Viewer.
    Just open a web browser (e.g. MS Edge or Google Chrome) on your primary machine then go to and connect to its own IP address or to
    FYI: spacedesk supports 1 HTML5 Viewer connection only.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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