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    I’m trying to use Spacedesk for my Samsung Galaxy S9 with direct USB-connection which seems to me being the most stable connection. However, if I use my original Samsung pen that came with the tablet calibration is way off. It’s ok in the center of the tablet (a few millimetres off) but if I touch the screen with the pen close to the edges of the tablet, the touch is recognised about 2cm off. Like this the pen is unusable. Already tried Windows touch and pen calibration but to no avail since there is no way to hit the Windows calibration crosshair. What can I do? Any help appreciated. The strange thing is that I do not observe this if spacedesk connects via usb tethering or local network, however these connections heavily depend on the bandwidth in my network and are unstable at times.


    Hi @draci,
    as of now, we couldn’t reproduce any stylus issue similar to what you reported. we even tried using SPen too and it seems working properly on our side. is it possible for you to send us a video clip of this issue? also, on what resolution do you experience this problem? are you using extend or mirror mode?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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