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    Hey spacedesk folks!

    OK so I’ve got a… device. It’s a picture frame of sorts (nano-frames)… running android 7.1.2 (that I can’t upgrade).

    The google play store doesn’t recognize the device at all, so I can’t install from there, and the html5 viewer in Brave browser gives an error about secure connections and SSL versions.

    Is there an APK to install it that isn’t from shady APK sites?

    I can get files onto the frame, and use a mouse and keyboard on the frame to poke around at internet sites and things and do slideshows of my files or online ones… but it’d make my whole process 10000x easier if I can get spacedesk on there and essentially use it as a second monitor from across the room.

    Many thanks if there’s any solution! (I’m a dev so don’t be afraid to include like… usb debugging and various nonsense.)



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    Hi @tims,
    Unfortunately, we do not hand out APKs individually.
    As an alternative to Google Play Store, you can also try to download spacedesk for Android from the Amazon Store.
    Download link to Amazon Store is available on our website’s download page –

    in the case of HTML5 viewer, please try clearing your browser’s cached files first in android device before accessing the HTML5 Viewer and then try again.


    The Amazon store link just goes to an error:

    Looking for something?
    We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.

    Click here to go back to the Amazon home page”

    The website says Android >=4.0 … so how do those people install it if not the google play store?

    I’m confused, there. 🙁


    Hi @tims,
    Could you maybe try installing the Amazon app store first from this link:
    then follow their installation steps -> sign in to your account -> search “spacedesk” in the search bar



    It works! Kinda! I never EVER would have guessed amazon appstore runs on non-amazon hardware. Thank you!

    The refresh rate is suuuper stuttery… is there any way to make it fast? As a second monitor I set it to 1920×1920 and it works… but yeah… probably just the video hardware can’t handle that resolution too well? Still work for slideshows and stuff though! Could it be faster with a wired connection?

    Not only did it WORK, everybody out there reading… it worked the first time. Fresh outta the box. A billion other things running when I installed… no refresh of PC… just… installed the driver and the viewer (already running on the app) saw it immediately. Good stuff!

    [edit: Also… is there any way to get the android button out of there? I have a windows think fullscreened on the “monitor” and it has the giant button on the right, which I can minimize, but it’s still a visible thing in the upper right corner?]

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    Hi @tims,
    Display performance heavily depends on the network. Highest performance is achieved by cabled networks (e.g. Native USB, Ethernet).
    To use the USB Cable Android option in the console, just follow the CONNECTING A NEW DISPLAY MONITOR OVER THE USB CABLE -> Direct USB Cable Connection ->Android USB Cable Connection chapter in the user manual –

    To improve the FPS rate during USB or Wifi connection, just go to settings -> Quality/Performance. currently, spacedesk offers 30 and 60fps
    You can also change other settings to improve your performance during Wifi/Wireless Network connection.

    For further information about improving display performance, please check the Instruction Manual chapter “Performance Tuning”


    Thanks for the tips… I’ll look through those. I don’t have a type C usb (on either the frame OR my pc)… Will see what I can figure out though.

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