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    Hello all. I have been using SpaceDesk for about three weeks and find it to be incredibly simple and very effective. I am running it with a Windows 10 (64bit) host and a Window 10 laptop (64bit). Both machines are connected to my network with a cable, not using wireless on either. The software installed easily and the client connects to the host as it should. All runs very smoothly for about 7 hours or so.

    After about 7 hours, the NIC on my host machine (very robust host w/2GB NIC) drops its netwrok connection. The laptop no longer communicates with the SpaceDesk host but retains network connectivity and can access the internet.

    The host however, drops the network entirely. I can resolve the issue by disabling the NIC and then re-enabling it.

    It can be problematic to drop the connection without warning particularly if I am on a video conference or call (VoiP).

    Can someone advise if there are settings I can adjust to prevent this from happening? For reference, I have adjusted the client settings to use the following:
    Compression: On
    Color Depth: High color
    Quality: 74
    Framerate: 30

    I don’t see much in the way of settings on the host.

    Thank you for your help!

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @Bulkhead,

    Did the client fail to reconnect to the host, either manually or automatic?
    Did you try to toggle OFF-ON the spacedesk status on our spacedesk Driver Console (found in the tray app or can be searched on the host machine), then reconnect the client?

    Our latest spacedesk Driver BETA v1.0.41 has a new handling of disconnection issues. Have you tried this version?


    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for the reply and my apologies for not coming back sooner! Life got busy!

    Anyway, I still have this issue and I have updated to the latest version. I am now on 1.0.49 of the Server software but I still have the issue where eventually, after several hours, my network adapter on my primary computer looses internet connectivity. Of course, because the host machine has lost all network connectivity, the client machine looses it’s connection to the host.

    Again, everything seems normal when I start both the driver software on the primary machine and the viewer on the client machine.
    I am using Viewer v0.9.37 (BETA) on the client laptop.

    After I disable the network adapter on my host machine, and then re-enable it, all network functionality returns to normal and the client laptop running the spacedesk viewer software reconnects without issue.

    Is there a setting I can investigate or adjust in the software or perhaps a setting on the network adapter I need to change? Also, I started the diagnostic collection process today to see if I can document the occurrence. It usually takes several hours before the NIC looses connection.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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