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    When using Spacedesk Viewer with 2 different USB Hubs/Docking Stations
    1) J5Create Model: JCD543
    2) Kensington SD4000

    The ethernet network port on both units will just suddenly stop working after about 10 minutes using Spacedesk Viewer. The port lights still indicate a connection but the connection is dropped and of course Spacedesk Viewer will tell me after a timeout that the connection has been lost.

    When using the Laptop’s (Lenovo T14 Gen 2i) built in ethernet port OR the wifi connection of the laptop, I have no issues whatsoever. I don’t know if there is a conflict with the drivers (either Spacedesk or the hub drivers) or if there is just too much traffic going through the USB, but I cannot use Spacedesk with either docking station as I’ve tried both (at first thinking the ethernet port had gone bad in the hub).

    My preferred setup was to use the docking station to connect one display + the ethernet connection and then use Spacedesk as a 2nd Display for the laptop.

    Any ideas?

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