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    My client laptop has a touch screen and I usually position it in a L shape, where keyboard and touch pad are behind screen. Then I can only use touch to operate. In windows’ projecting software, in tablet mode, the input in client is directly registered to server and do not need to explicitly enter the control mode for input. In touch mode, you can easily escape the projection by touch elsewhere. Even if in full screen, you can slightly swap your finger at the top of the screen to bring the title bar of spacedesk viewer out and exit full screen mode (It seems a feature of UWP application).
    The thing is I rarely exit control mode and I can only use pen to enter control mode (I found 3 finger taps also works?). Can you improve the interaction, or let one finger tap enter control mode, or add an option that enables control mode upon connection?
    I also found that if “projecting to this computer” is on in windows setting, spacedesk cannot connect to server

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