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    When I try to update to spacedesk v1075 I asks me to provide spacedesk_driver_Win_10_64_v1036_BETA.msi to uninstall the old version.
    I have recently cleaned up “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\”, since this is, you know, a temp directory and I thought nobody would pack important stuff into there. It seems winget is not thinking so. The missing file should be located at:

    I was not able to find a download link of older releases. Can you please provide one?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi @fritzmark,

    Your title says that you need spacedesk Driver v1067 to update to v1075, but in the body of your message, you’re requesting v1036.
    Before we send the requested file, could you please clarify which older version you need, v1067 or v1036?


    Sorry for the late reply. I will check and update you.


    Hello, it seems I did a typo for the version I need. I need indeed


    to continue with the update.

    To be quite sure, also for your side I attached a screenshot showing the version needed.

    Best regards and again sorry for the delay.

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    Hi @fritzmark,

    We have sent you the requested spacedesk Driver v1067 via email.
    Please check your inbox.

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