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    Guys, I’m using a tablet as a secondary screen, however, when using its touch screen, the mouse pointer disappears from the PC’s main screen and appears on the tablet’s touch-screen. Is it possible that this doesn’t happen? Is it possible to use them simultaneously, without the mouse pointer escaping to the tablet? I appreciate the guidance.

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    Hi @wms,
    This is a regular Windows behavior.
    Maybe you can just switch OFF the touch or use the Touchpad (relative touch) in the spacedesk Viewer’s Settings.
    Or another thing you can do is check for the Windows Settings related to mouse and touch behavior.


    I have a main monitor (hdmi) + a secondary monitor (vga) and + a tablet (via spacedesk).

    I want to use this tablet as a touchscreen to remove self-service password, but even using programs that lock the mouse on a monitor, when clicking on the tablet (touchscreen), the mouse pointer goes there.. I wish the mouse wasn’t, stay and not appear on the third monitor (tablet). Do you have any idea?

    PS: If I turn off the touch or use the Touchpad (relative touch), I lose the touch-screen on the tablet and it becomes just a regular screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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