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    i’ve been using spacedesk with 2 ipads to set them as extra touch screens.

    Now i have a question about this..

    I’ve read that the 1st touchscreen works in fact like a touch screen, but the second one (or more) will work as a touchpad.

    This is for general use fine, but for my application (flightsim’s) it’s a bit harder..

    When touching a “button” on the 2nd touchscreen the cursor will move to it, but that’s it, I would like it also to left Click when releasing/or when it jumps to it.
    This would make it act like a touch screen?

    I know that this would not work at all for a normal touchpad, but in this case it is exactly what you want!

    So is there a way to make it also do a left click when it jump to the position?
    I’ve searched for a tool to do this online, but as i mentioned, it wouldn’t work well for a normal application so no one ever made something like this 🙁

    So hopefully there is a way to make this work? or add it as an option?

    Thanks for the great work anyway!



    Hi @stevenvanheusdenhotmail-com,

    what touch input type are you using in your spacedesk viewer app? Absolute touch or Relative touch?
    the expecetd behavior should be:
    Relative touch – double tap to simulate a left click event
    absolute – should work like a mouse


    Absolute i’m using, relative appears not to work..

    Double tap also does not seem to work, it looks like when i spam the area the button is triggered very shortly, but not long enough to register the event, delaying in the setting option doesn’t change that either.



    I found the answer in a post on the forum.

    Enable touch as pointer clicks instead of touch events


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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