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    Hello all,

    maybe spacedesk is not intended for this, but I was hoping to find a more comfortable replacement for the standard Miracast screen transmission.

    Miracast let me use the full display of the attached Win10 tablet as desktop. It’s just like using an external monitor.

    spacedesk VIEWER is always displayed as window on the desktop of the attached Win10 tablet. Maximizing VIEWER results in a maximized windo and not in full screen. I can hide system tray. Then the spacedesk VIEWER window gets more space and resizes. But there’s still the spacedesk VIEWER title bar. How could I get rid of this title bar? With title bar there is a useless space right and left of the spacedesk VIEWER window. I guess if there will be no title bar, I will get the whole tablet screen as display – just like an external monitor…

    Maybe there’s a hidden setting or I oversee something.
    Hopefully someone knows a solution to my requirement.

    Thanks in advance!

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @benedict,
    Full screen mode should be available on our spacedesk Windows Viewer app.
    Are you using our most recent spacedesk Viewer app from Microsoft Store? Or the Desktop version 0.9.30?
    For assistance, please check the attached screenshot.

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    Hello @lea,

    thanks for your quick reply! Finally I get it working…

    My apologies, after connection success I have to click anywhere on the Clients desktop using a mouse or touch device being connected to the Client. Then the title bar with Fullscreen button is displayed. I didn’t think of that at all and so I got no title bar and no Fullscreen button…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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