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    I am using the latest server software and the latest ipad app
    Ipad is 4th gen Air with the latest OS
    Windows 10 64 bit.

    Everything works well. The touch pad works. The connection is working.
    The only thing does not work is the Ipad Apple Keyboard trackpad does not control the mouse on the PC. I have enabled keyboard control in the client app settings.

    Please advise.


    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @srirams05,

    for further analysis, please send us the diagnostic info via spacedesk Driver Console -> Diagnostics.
    – first, download Debug View (there is a Download button and status that will indicate if it’s ‘Available’)
    – switch Diagnostic Collection ON (check)
    – Connect your spacedesk Viewer app and reproduce the problem
    – switch Diagnostic Collection OFF (uncheck)
    – click “Save All Information”
    PS: Saving all information will take a few seconds, then please send us the whole folder which contains all the diagnostic logs collected.
    Please right-click the folder -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply
    or upload to Dropbox/Google Drive/etc. and send us the link.

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @srirams05,

    trackpad as mouse input is currently not supported.
    Our spacedesk iOS viewer developer is on it
    but, there’s no definite schedule yet when this will be available.


    I’m also looking forward to this feature. Here’s my current setup:
    – 13″ iPad Pro M4 (2024)
    – USB connection
    – 1280×960 resolution @ 60Hz

    It’s running perfectly smooth; love it! I have tried Duet, Luna Display, Chrome Remote Desktop… this one is by far the best.

    But, I use Universal Control to let my MacBook Pro’s mouse and keyboard move over to control the iPad. I can control SpaceDesk app that way, but cannot interact with the Windows host at all… I have to use a separate mouse and keyboard currently.

    That feature addition would be incredible; if spacedesk charged for it, I would pay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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