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    Till when can we expect IOS USB display coming ? because I use the usb on android a lot and thinking of switching to IOS, but using spacedesk is really important for me


    Hi @daemonium,

    iOS USB cable support will be available very soon! (expected late 2023)

    While waiting for the Native iOS USB feature, you can use your iOS to connect to spacedesk Via USB tethering.
    first, check if your iOS device supports USB Tethering.
    if yes, Please check and follow the ‘Connecting a New Display Monitor Over the USB Cable’ -> ‘USB Tethering (iOS and Android)’ chapter in the user manual –


    Man, I really wish it would come out soon <3


    Hi @daemonium, @st-destiny

    We have just released a new spacedesk Windows Driver v1076 and spacedesk iOS viewer that includes support for USB iOS.
    Please update your Driver and Viewer to the latest version. Please try it and let us know if this works for you. Looking forward to your feedback!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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