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    Victor França


    Well, I gotta say I love SpaceDesk, been using it since 2020 with my old iPad 4 as a Second Screen for my University classes. It is great because much people as me can use it to give use to a device that has passed its time to go to discard…

    As for such, talking with a coleague, one problem of our old devices (iPads 4) are not actually the screen, but the old Wifi board standard. He, differently from me, preffered to use Duet Display, that has USB support and therefore, better speeds and connection, but it recently became a SUPER expensive subscription, that represents a lot of value for a old device as ours. To pay 60$ a year, I would prefer to buy a actual portable monitor, right?

    So, as a lots of people enjoy SpaceDesk from using old devices that no longer has support from modern standards, having a USB connection would solve every problem we have with connections. We could increase resolution and refresh rate to give it a more native-ish experience, and I would personally buy it if necessary.

    DuetDisplay became ridiculous, and there is a big oportunity to snap users that are tired of it and seeking for a better overall cost-benefit experience.

    spacedesk Marcel

    The schedule for spacedesk native USB cable support:
    – On Apple iOS: USB cable support is soon to come (expected late 2023)
    – On Android: USB cable support is already available (since early 2023)

    In the meantime on iOS:
    – Use USB-Tethering in the meantime (if the device supports it).
    – Bypassing router can achieve almost similar performance as does USB. Configure Windows PC or Android device as WiFi Access Point (Hotspot) and connect to it before connecting spacedesk. Please check chapter “Performance Tuning” in the instruction manual.

    Victor França

    Well, if iOS USB support is to come, than that is superb! I really appreciate that. Since this upcoming update do iOS USB wasn’t listed on the main page, I didn’t think about it.
    I was considering buying a HUB to use with ethernet, but the iPad 4 is pretty tricky when it comes to hubs since it was released before iPad OS. I will be waiting very happily to this update! Will it come to iPad 4? About iOS 10

    (Also, I’d like to suggest a option of being able to like a comment and mark it as the definitive answer. Your answer was stict to point, thank you)


    Victor França

    Well, I’m not really sure if you read through the last question I made or it this was an automatic message, but the question was if the iPad 4 will have this support for USB, since it looks like the app has no updates from App store (iOS 10) for some time.

    spacedesk Marcel

    FYI: The message you responded to was spam – we removed it


    Hi @vfransant,

    We have just released a new spacedesk Windows Driver v1076 and spacedesk iOS viewer that includes support for USB iOS.
    Please update your Driver and Viewer to the latest version. Please try it and let us know if this works for you. Looking forward to your feedback!



    I have an ipad 2 with ios version 9.3.5 but I can´t download the new version of the app. Any help? Will ipad 2 support the usb connection?


    hi @ipaduser,

    Apple officially does not support old iOS devices with iOS version 9.x/10.x as Deployment Target anymore since the latest Xcode IDE update.

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