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    I use a Windows 10-based media center in the hi-fi listening room, which is equipped with an excellent sound card. I removed the touchscreen monitor that was originally connected by cable and now I can control the media center conveniently and wirelessly from the sofa using an Android or an Apple iPad iOS tablet. Works stable and problem-free. However, the apps on the tablets mentioned have a major weakness: if they are active, the tablet no longer goes into hibernation mode, so the display is constantly on and drains the battery in no time. The apps doesn’t offer an option to disable the implemented sleep prevention, which is bad. I also tried the default Windows screen-off. Even if the tablet screen is darkened as a result, the energy consumption of the tablets seems to be as high as they are, because they cannot go into hibernation mode
    to reduce power consumption. If the developers have built the missing setting options into the apps, they get 5 stars from me!

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    Hi @hificontrol,
    The only way to stop the processing on the client is to kill the application.
    Even in background, the app will still receive packets.
    Only after a couple of minutes in off-mode the process will be killed.
    Also, there is currently no option like in Windows Viewer “Keep Monitor Active”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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