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    Hello, I have a problem with the program. When I connect the phone to it, the screen is black, but the touch is on. When I touch the screen, the mouse pointer goes to the place of the second screen, but when I look at the phone screen, it is black, and I am on the desktop. If I enter any program, it remains black. I tried (win+p) But nothing happened

    Note: It was working yesterday, but today it is no longer working


    Hi @DEMON,

    For further analysis, could you please send us the diagnostic logs of the issue.
    On your primary machine, Just follow the steps below:
    – open the spacedesk Console window app by clicking the spacedesk tray icon on your task bar’s notification area
    – click the Diagnostics on the left side panel
    – if Debug View is not available, please click the download button first
    – switch Diagnostic Collection ON (make sure to click Yes in the User Account Control box to proceed)
    – connect your viewer app and reproduce the black screen issue
    – switch Diagnostic Collection OFF
    – click Save All Information button (if message box appears, just click No to proceed)
    PS: Saving all information will take a few seconds, then please send us the whole folder which contains all the diagnostic logs collected.
    Please right-click the folder -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply.


    hi @spacedesk Christian

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    Hi @hotboy57529,

    Thank you very much for sending your diagnostic logs.
    Do you also experience black screen issues as well? if so,
    Based on the logs, you have Nvidia Shadowplay/In-game Overlay/screen recording currently active in your primary machine.
    Please disable this settings in Nvidia GeForce Experience window.
    Then open spacedesk Driver Console and switch OFF-ON the spacedesk Driver/Server and try again with spacedesk.


    thank you, i did it successfully


    Besides the instructions in this thread, I need help form this thread too https://forum.spacedesk.netforums/topic/android-13-app-flashes-to-connected-screen/

    Thanks a lot spacedesk team 😀


    Hi @nhan,
    Besides the instructions from that thread, you could try the following:
    -clear spacedesk cache/data in your phone app settings
    -Reinstall or update your spacedesk app to v0.91.10
    -click ‘Clear spacedesk Settings’ and ‘Clear Windows Display Settings’ in spacedesk Console
    -Restart Android device

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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