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    I use Flight Simulator 2020 with 2 Lenovo tablets connected via USB. On the tablets I use the Garmin G1000 Cessna Pfd and Mfd.
    Everytime I click a button on the tablet, the mouse pointer also moves there. So if I want to click something in the sim I need to drag the mouse pointer through 2 tablets and one monitor back to my main window where my sim is running. Kind of annoying. Any help/hints are highly appreciated 👍
    I need only touch functionality on the tablets and the mouse pointer should stay in my main window!

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @soapp,
    thank you very much for the feedback.
    It sounds like that the absolute mouse is being used on the second tablet.
    This is expected as only the first tablet/client could use multi-touch.
    No release schedule yet when multi-touch feature will be used on all clients.


    Thanks, so the only solution is to buy one BIG touchscreen ??
    Or is there any shortcut that the mouse gets back to the main window ?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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