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    Hust playing with the wall-settings. I have a Windows-client connected to the Windows server BETA 1.0.48, enabled wall and assigned the client to the wall.

    It’s very hard to position a rotated client with fullHD into a UHD wall. You always have to switch between Control>Wall and Client-settings to get a feeling of “where I am” and “what to change”.

    What I’d prefere is a detachable wall-preview window so I can have my focus on the client-settings and see the preview updating on a window next to the numbers. That would reduce the need for switching menus and speed up configuring walls immensly.

    With a separate wall-preview-window, which could be scaled for better detailed view, it would be great to be able to position clients by drag&drop directly inside the wall-preview. This actions should include at least moving the client, but could also have a scale- and rotation-option.

    If this preview could have a background-image, which a user can load from a file (BMP, JPG, PNG or something like that), then this image can be used as a helper layout to find the positions faster.

    Because drag&drop inside a scaled preview can not be that accuate, the final pixel-corrections will be made inside the input-fields. But for a fast setup a mouse-tool would be great.

    I hope this is possible and will find its way into the next release.


    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @gralf,
    Thank you very much for the input.
    This needs to be discussed with the spacedesk team and we will check if we can easily implement or improve some of your ideas..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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