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    So the thing I noticed is that spacedesk communication while the screen is idle is only 1-2 mbps. But when watching fullscreen video it goes up to 30 mbps with my current settings. Usually my cursor movement with static image (desktop) is not very smooth but stable. Feels like 20-ish fps. But if I do the following I have good 60-ish fps mouse movement for a second:
    1. Play a video so my bandwidth goes 30mbps. (If I move the cursor while video is playing it’s the same 20-ish fps).
    2. Pause the video while moving cursor. (The cursor movement will be 60-ish fps while the bandwidth is high. But returns to 20-ish fps the next second).
    Thus I think constant bitrate will improve stream stability. And so I ask spacedesk team to test and/or implement that feature.

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