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    currently I am using the HTML 5 viewer to connect to localhost, as the Windows viewer will not allow this.
    I’d love to see a Windows viewer that can connect to localhost, or be used as an local viewer even without using the network.
    Also I assume, that when using the viewer locally (i.e. driver and viewer is on the same machine), you could improve performance, as you probably could skip the compressing/uncompressing.


    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @jw,
    Can you tell us why do you need localhost connection in windows viewer app?
    Currently, we only allow it on HTML5 viewer.
    Maybe we can consider supporting it on our windows viewer app but will not be available anytime soon.
    We are currently very busy with higher prioritized features and bug fixes.

    FYI: spacedesk will still perform image compression and decompression even in local host connection.


    My usecase is videoconferencing and screensharing:

    I have one big 4k monitor.
    With MS Teams, unfortunately, you can either share ONE window or an ENTIRE screen. In sessions where I need to share several windows, but not the entire screen (as there might be other apps like my calendar or outlook, which the audience should not see), this is very uncomfortable/impossible with MS Teams.

    Thus, I’d like to have a virtual monitor device (spacedesk?) where I can place all the windows I want to share – and I want to control it via my mainscreen within a window. Then, in Teams, i could choose either the virtual screen or the viewer as source for the sharing.


    Just found spacedesk looking for a solution for the same problem with MS Teams with a 43″ 4k monitor.
    I also have to use some old software that keeps maximizing when interacting with it, and on a 4k monitor gets annoying really fast.

    What I really wanted to find is a virtual display driver that would use a regular window as a secondary monitor. Searched everywhere but can’t find anything like that, spacedesk with a local viewer seems the closest to it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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