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    Tried to connect Android Tablet with OTG Ethernet adapter to my Windows PC directly.

    Gigabit Ethernet to USB Adapter is working correctly (tested)
    Ethernet Cable is working correctly (tested)
    PC Ethernet port is working correctly (tested)

    Tablet to Router to PC is working great, but limited by Router.

    SLOWEST Speed after connection! 16 Mbit is MAX what I have ever seen.

    But! I have a strange semi SOLUTION:
    If I start iperf server on Tablet, then launch iperf client from Windows (just to push limits of connection) this iperf session goes very well! Speed is over 300 Mbit (x20 increase).
    After this “warming up” iperf transmission Spacedesk starts to work like a charm! Connection is fast as when iperf was doing benchmark.
    So, every time after I unplug network adapter and want to make Spacedesk session by Android – Windows over Ethernet, I must launch a single iperf benchmark.

    Do I need special Ethernet configuration to overcome this problem?
    Can Spacedesk team somehow solve this? // Temporarily, I think about: Spacedesk connects and doing fast benchmark of the MAX speed of connection to “warm it up”.

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @averageuser,

    thank you very much for the input.
    We have not really explored the option to connect via a USB ethernet adapter.
    Were you able to compare the performance with the native USB cable connection?



    native USB is great, but when using Spacedesk with Tablet, I cannot utilize USB connection in a proper way.
    I need to use a USB Hub, which disables type-c input for data (only charging), but offers a type-a for data.
    That’s why me is using Ethernet OTG.
    After “warming up” of the Ethernet connection described in my prev response performance, is same great as with native USB.
    I think, that you should test this scenario, cause it’s working pretty well, just required one fix for now. And some of the users may benefit from it. Like, my PC has not much of high speed USB ports to use with Android, but there is powerful 2.5Gbit Ethernet vacant for connection.

    Thanks for the answer and your wonderful app, I hope there will be improvements!

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    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @averageuser,

    thank you for the feedback. Follow-up questions:
    1. What is the Windows OS version?
    2. Did you set other iperf parameters on Windows or Android?
    3. Did you also try this trick with the wireless connection? Did it gain performance?


    1) Windows 11
    2) Iperf. Android server without parameters, Windows client with parameter to push the limits of my connection (I’m not sure this is necessary, but: –bandwidth 1000M)
    3) When on wireless, I am using Router, it can limit my connection. So… After iperf I haven’t seen any noticeable performance gain. Probably should try with Direct wireless connection.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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