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    Aqui o windows 11 fica “encontrando o driver de vídeo do spacedesk” várias vezes por dia e quando isso acontece faz um som de notificação e a imagem da tela diminui e volta ao normal, ou seja, mto incoveniente, funciona normal mas com esse problema, uso uma mãe b450m, ryzen 7 5700X, 2x8GB 3200 mhz e uma RX 6400. Consegue me orientar sobre como resolver este problema?


    Hi @Davyd,
    About the decreasing screen image effect upon spacedesk viewer connection in windows 11, this effect is a built-in and expected behavior in the previous and new windows versions but is more visually present in windows 11. I have attached a video link that showcase your possible problem —
    the video shows the zooming out effect in the main monitor (win 11) with a notification sound when you connect spacedesk viewer. please let us know if this is the same as what you are referring to. if it is indeed the same problem and you don’t want the animation effect, you can just disable it on windows 11 settings by clicking the windows icon -> click settings -> Accessibility -> Visual effects -> and then turn off the Animation Effect option. you can also just try Windows key + U -> Visual Effect -> turn off Animation effect. see attached file for a more detailed tutorial.

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