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    @spacedesk Christian I’ve been getting (infrequent) random disconnects with the UWP app. I can’t seem to pinpoint when these happen, but I get a disconnect black screen and have to close out the app to get things to reconnect. This was problematic because it happened during a work screen share presentation today. Any idea how we can troubleshoot this?


    Hi @dougw03,
    We had to move this to a new topic with the specific issue as the title to avoid confusion. Regarding the problem, are you using the latest the spacedesk UWP viewer?
    Could you please check if your graphics adapter is updated to the latest version?


    Hi Christian, the issue occurred again this morning and I was able to narrow things down a bit. I have my host PC connected to a Thunderbolt 3 dock which has an GigE ethernet crossover connected to my Surface Pro 8 via it’s own separate USB-C dock. On occasion, my TB3 connection will disconnect for some unknown reason but immediately reconnect. It seems when this occurs, spacedesk viewer cannot reconnect to the session even though the IP address doesn’t change. I wait ~2 minutes and nothing happens. Let me know if you need any more information.

    P.S. I also need to correct my earlier statement that I am able to disconnect and reconnect without closing the app. While we’re on this topic, as a suggestion, it would be helpful if you could please make the GUI button to cancel reconnecting larger and appear by default. I am using the touch screen on my surface pro and I have to fumble around pressing the screen multiple times to find this button. Even when I find it, it takes a couple of tries to actually register pressing it.


    Hi @dougw03,
    For further analysis, Could you please send us the Diagnostic logs of this Issue?
    Just follow the steps below:
    – open spacedesk Driver Console -> Diagnostics
    – if Debug View is not available, please click the download button first
    – switch Diagnostic Collection ON (make sure to click Yes in the User Account Control box to proceed)
    – try to reproduce the issue
    – switch Diagnostic Collection OFF
    – click Save All Information button (if a message box appears, just click No to proceed)
    PS: Saving all information will take a few seconds, then please send us the whole folder which contains all the diagnostic logs collected.
    Please right-click the folder -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply.

    About your suggestion regarding the GUI improvement, We have taken note of this and will be working on it, While we’re eager to make these enhancements, we don’t have a specific timeline for the improvements at this time yet. We will inform you once a progress has been made.


    Hi Christian, unfortunately I am unable to turn on diagnostic collection due to my company’s software on my work PC not allowing me to run “spacedeskserverdebuggingon.cmd” when I click the button. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do on my end to help your team troubleshoot this issue.

    Thanks for taking my GUI improvement feedback into account.


    Hi @dougw03,

    I see, Could you at least send us the dxdiag info of your primary machine?
    just run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine, click “Save all information” and send us the output file. (dxdiag.txt)


    Hi Christian, this happened again but it did not trigger on a thunderbolt disconnect. It actually just happened randomly. I waited about a minute to see if it would reconnect then I opened dxdiag and while that was running the screen reconnected. I’d rather not post my dxdiag file in the open. Is there another way to share this?


    Hi @dougw03,

    You can instead go to spacedesk Console > Diagnostics > click “Save all information” (you do not have to enable the ‘diagnostic collection’ option) > click NO on the pop-up admin privileges permission then save the output in a single zip file.
    You may send the output files by uploading the zip files in Dropbox or other file hosting services and just send us the download link.

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