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    I have two computers that I want to connect. The main computer is connected by ethernet to a wifi booster, due to its location in the home relative to the main internet junction. Tablets have no problem connecting the router or to this computer.

    The other computer, which is connected to the router via ethernet, is unable to find/see the main computer. My brother and I have gone through and tried our best at troubleshooting the issue. I have identified the IPv4 address of the main computer, ensured that both PCs are on a private network in Windows 11 settings, the secondary computer has a VPN, but has been disabled and even uninstalled, the main computer has Avast AV software, which has likewise been disabled and uninstalled. We are still unable to connect.

    I don’t feel that there should be any issue with this connection, as both computers are on the same network, and before I go out and spend any money on the issue (buying a wifi adapter for the secondary PC), wanted to see if there was any other solution.


    Hi @majketchup347,
    Have you already tried manually searching for the IP of your secondary machine? In case you haven’t, you can do that in spacedesk viewer app. Just click the “+” button and enter the IP or Hostname.
    Could you also check for mismatched subnets on both of your machines?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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