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    I have a somewhat tricky situation whereby 2 devices needing to connect are on different subnets. I’ll try explain in detail my current network topology.

    PC (spacedesk server) – (Static IP)

    iPad (spacedesk iOS client) – (DHCP assigned)

    I have a firewall application (Kaspersky) on my PC as well as a physical firewall (pfsense) controlling all my subnet traffic and rules.

    I added a firewall rule for my iPad’s subnet to allow TCP Port 28252 direct to my PC. Looks like this [ Allow TCP 28252 from to]. I disabled the application firewall (Kaspersky) for testing purposes so it wouldn’t cause me problems with the rules configured in pfsense.

    The PC and iPad can ping each other. I also have an app called Touch Portal on the iPad which allows me to send hotkey commands to my PC, which works fine after adding a similar rule in pfsense, only this time adding 2 ports required by Touch Portal. So I know I am configuring the firewall correctly, but for some reason when I manually add the server IP address in the iPad spacedesk app, it gets stuck on “Manually adding IP: IP validation in progress”.

    Are there any other ports I need to add to make this work other than 28252?



    Bump… Anyone with any ideas?


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    Hi @crumbag,
    28252 is the only port that spacedesk used.
    Could you please check if your current network profile in your primary machine is Private or Public?
    Could you also try to connect with HTML5 Viewer on your iPad too, just open a web browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome) then go to, the try to connect to your computer’s IP address.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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