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    I am using a triple-display setup with surface pro and iPad along with my default PC monitor. I have my iPad in portrait mode and have two questions:

    1. The “Connected – Display OFF” screen does not blank out the entire screen. It looks like this was only created for landscape mode. See picture here:
    2. Can I set a timeout for this screen? This screen stays on and does not seem to be affected by disconnect display value setting. I want my iPad to go to sleep after I turn my host PC off/sleep.


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    Hi @dougw03,
    1. What version are you using? we recently reeleased a new spacedesk iOS viewer v1.0.54. could you please try to update your viewer and see if the issue is still happening in there?
    2. We will forward this to our iOS developer for checking


    Hi @dougw03,
    For #2. we have forwarded this to our iOS developer. as per their feedback, this feature will be implemented on one of the next iOS viewer app versions.


    Thanks Christian. I updated to v54 and no longer have this issue. Thanks for getting my other feedback prioritized.


    Hi @dougw03,

    We have released a new spacedesk iOS viewer v1.0.56 on the playstore.
    iOS device can now enter suspend mode during server shutdown/sleep.
    Please update your viewer and let us know if there’s still any problem on your side.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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