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    Dear all,
    is it possible also to connect a Android Phone as a SINGLE monitor to a Windows PC? In this forum I only read posts for connection a mobile phone as a SECOND monitor (besides the main monitor).
    My problem: when I’m on a journey I have to take my mini-pc with me, but I have no separate monitor for it. So I want to connect my mobile phone with the mini pc (without having another “main monitor”).
    Thanks in advance.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @alrei263,
    Yes, it’s possible.
    First, make sure you have spacedesk Driver on your mini-pc and is set to automatic start at system boot time (option is on spacedesk Driver Console -> Control). And since your client is Android phone you can connect via Android USB cable also make sure that “Android USB cable” is enabled (spacedesk Driver Console -> Communication Interfaces).

    To setup your spacedesk display as main monitor:
    1. While physical main monitor is still attached, connect with your Android phone via spacedesk Android USB cable connection.
    2. Open display settings window on primary machine:
    — set your spacedesk display as primary/main display
    — if spacedesk display number shows “2”, there’s a dropdown menu where you can select “Show only on 2” and it will detach the main monitor display (probably display #1) OR switch to “second screen only” mode via display switch (Windows logo + P hotkey), then you can detach now your physical main monitor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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