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    Hello Team,
    The software you guys have created is amazing although if a guide could be given regarding how to change the underlying GPU used by spacedesk, it would be amazing.
    Currently I have a laptop with a NVIDIA 1060 GPU although spacedesk uses the integrated GPU. I have made relevant changes in the setting for NVIDIA to be my default GPU everywhere but SPACEDESK doesn’t seem to take affect. I have attached the screenshots for the same.

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    This is really important to me too.

    I started a topic on the old forum, which was replaced by this new one about 2 weeks after.

    I have 2 GPU’s, I keep the more powerful (RTX 3070 Ti) for gaming in the motherboards primary slot, however this ends up as GPU 1 in windows, This works fine for everything but spacedesk

    The 2nd card, a 730GT, so some reason loads into GPU 0, however spacedesk uses this card for the wireless display, which causes stuttering.

    There is no way in the BIOS to change this (check with the manufacture) (and I can see why a laptop would have problems).

    So, this feature to change the GPU in use, is really important.

    spacedesk Marcel

    Yes, we are aware of this. It would be a great feature to make the render adater configurable. Since spacedesk is free and development is driven by business customers, we will implement as soon as a business customer will pay for it. Currently we have no such request from any of our business customers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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