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    The KindleFire is currently connected via USB and is in a state where it can perform the ‘automatically start app when Windows PC is switched on, automatically connect’ operation.
    When the PC is off, it is set to keep the home screen displayed and not perform screen sleep.
    Therefore, we would like to know if the following can be achieved.

    1. from screen sleep (screen off), when the PC starts up, can it automatically recover, start up apps and automatically connect?
    2.I own an iPad mini4, can I connect it via USB as well, and can I automatically connect it when the PC is switched on?

    Currently, when I try to use it on my iPad, I have to tap the connection confirmation dialogue, and the app itself quits when disconnected, so I have to start the app and tap the dialogue in order to display it again.

    If there is a better way, please let me know.


    Hi @koduki,
    1. For both USB Android and USB iOS clients:
    – The connection ends when the server ( PC ) goes to sleep/shut down. The spacedesk viewer app must be opened again to restart the connection.
    – The connection continues during server ( PC ) monitor sleep, (Current bug: Last frame update is shown on the client instead of “Connected-Display Off”). Frame updates will show again once the monitor wakes up.

    2. Yes, USB connection in iOS is supported. Please check the CONNECTING A NEW DISPLAY MONITOR OVER THE USB CABLE -> Direct USB Cable Connection ->iOS USB Cable Connection chapter in the user manual –
    -Unfortunately, unlike Android viewers, iOS viewers cannot automatically establish connection during app initialization.
    you will have to confirm the permission dialog box to connect via USB everytime you open the app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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