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    When will we be allowed to buy a personal copy of this (hopefully permanent license)? I would’ve bought it already had there been an option to do so.

    Also, a question:
    Would it be possible to integrate a function to enable a virtual desktop on the same computer without having to open two programs? I know this program is geared for remote virtual desktops, but it’s useful for me to just create a secondary virtual display on my computer without any external client. Why you may ask? Cause I use this with VR and virtual desktop application, so I don’t need to see the virtual desktop anywhere else except on my VR

    In a case such as this, it would probably be more efficient to not have to route the virtual desktop through, since it’s all on the same computer anyways (also, no viewer is needed in such a case, so I can save computer resources)

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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @bugmenot,

    spacedesk Pro license will be available very soon. No specific date of release yet.

    As for your other question, creating a virtual display without spacedesk client connection is not available in the current spacedesk BETA version.
    But there’s a workaround to create a virtual display (without connecting from secondary client).

    Option #1: Use HTML5 Viewer page to connect locally. Just open a web browser e.g. Microsoft Edge on your primary machine, then go to and connect to the localhost’s IP address or Keep in mind that spacedesk only allows 1 HTML5 Viewer connection at a time.

    Option #2: Connect a secondary client at first to attach a virtual display and persist it. To do this:
    – open spacedesk Driver Console and switch ON Videowall mode
    – set Videowall disconnect delay to -1 (equivalent to infinite)
    – connect a spacedesk client first and disconnect it immediately, you will notice that the secondary display will persist (check it in Windows Display Settings). It will only detach once you reboot your machine or switch OFF spacedesk Driver or Videowall mode in spacedesk Driver Console app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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