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    Display goes from excellent to extreme low frame rate (varies slightly between wifi and usb tether)

    This is basically a bug report, but if there is a way to fix it, I’d be glad to hear it.

    On: Android (Amazon Fire Tablet 8 HD+) (client) and Windows 10 Pro (server) (1.10.50)
    Connection type: USB tether or Wifi

    How to reproduce: On Android (Amazon) push the home button. Then push recent apps and select Spacedesk. Repeat between 2 and 10 times (varies). (I think switching to a different android app also has the same effect)

    On USB tether: Frame rate will drop to about 1 frame per second. As far as I have observed that is as low as it gets.
    On Wifi: several frames displayed, approximate 1 second freeze. Indefinite repeat.

    How to resolve: Disconnect and reconnect to server or restart android app.

    This bug is not critical, but it is annoying, especially for those of us that need to do other things on our phone/tablet while using it as a computer display. If this could get fixed I would appreciate it greatly. I love your software.

    If you cannot reproduce this issue readily and want logs or anything, let me know.

    Thank you,


    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @malaclypse23,

    Thank you very much for reporting this issue.
    We were able to reproduce the same issue and we’re currently investigating it.
    We will get back to you as soon as we have news regarding this issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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