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    BSOD when connecting tablet to laptop

    Windows 7 Ultimate, DELL N5110 Notebook, NVidia GeForce GT 525M Video Adapter (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF5&SUBSYS_04CA1028&REV_A1)
    SpaceDesk software downloaded from the official site “spacedesk_driver_Win_8.1_64_v1067_BETA”
    The SpaceDesk server is running on the PC. The tablet sees the computer on the network. When you connect the tablet – a blue screen.

    The latest driver for my video adapter – Version: 391.35, Release date: 25 Mar 2018
    What can I do?

    * * *
    BSOD при подключении планшета к ноутбуку

    Windows 7 Ultimate, Ноутбук DELL N5110, видеоадаптер NVidia GeForce GT 525M (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF5&SUBSYS_04CA1028&REV_A1)
    Программа SpaceDesk загружена с официального сайта “spacedesk_driver_Win_8.1_64_v1067_BETA”
    На ПК запущен сервер SpaceDesk. Планшет видит компьютер в сети. При подключении планшета – синий экран.

    Самый новый драйвер для моего видеоадаптера – Версия: 391.35, Дата выхода: 25 Mar 2018
    Что я могу сделать?


    Hi @Aleks17RU,

    For further analysis, could you please send us the following:
    – run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine, click “Save All Information”, save the output file (dxdiag.txt)
    – most recent dump file (*.dmp) of your BSOD with spacedesk which is located in C:\Windows\minidump folder.
    Please save all requested files in one folder, then right-click -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply.


    Archived dxdiag report.
    The directory C:\Windows\minidump is empty. Perhaps because after the BSOD I did a “System Restore”.
    I can install SpaceDesk again and check the connection. And I’ll check what will be in C:\Windows\minidump.
    Should I do it?
    I have additional monitors connected to the HDMI D-SUB connectors, but I don’t have enough of them.
    Q: Should I turn off the monitors before checking?
    * * *
    Отчет dxdiag в архиве.
    Директория C:\Windows\minidump пуста. Возможно потому, что после BSOD я делал “Восстановление системы”.
    Могу вновь установить SpaceDesk и проверить подключение. И проверю что будет в C:\Windows\minidump.
    Мне сделать это?
    У меня подключены дополнительные мониторы на разъемы HDMI D-SUB, но мне их не хватает.
    Вопрос: мне отключить мониторы перед проверкой?

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    Hi @Aleks17RU,

    Thank you very much for sending your dxdiag info.
    To answer your questions:
    Q1: Should I do it?
    A: Yes, please install and connect again with spacedesk and try to reproduce the BSOD. Then, check if a .dmp file is generated in C:\Windows\minidump, and send it to us.
    Q2: Should I turn off the monitors before checking?
    A: you can try to reproduce the issue with or without the use of external monitors for more accurate results.


    Привет, техподдержка!
    Я вам на почту дампы отправил, как просили. Чего молчите, spacedesk Christian?


    Hi @Aleks17RU,

    We haven’t received any email that contains a dump file (*.dmp). Perhaps it was delivered to the wrong email address.
    Please send the files here:

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