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    I’ve just discovered this app and I’m surprised about how good it works, so I would like to congratulate the devs, but I need to cast the screen to a device that is outside my Lan and I’m struggling to make it work.

    I’ve set an VPN through the windows built-in feature in the primary machine, and I’m connecting an Android device to that VPN also using the Android built-in client. The communication work as I’m able to access from the Android device a web server that is hosted in the primary machine through its Lan ip address, but Spacedesk does not detect the windows machine and adding manually the IP address does not work either.

    I’ve tried the workarounds listed on the guide and also tried to fully disable the windows firewall but there was no luck.
    I’m I doing something wrong or is this just not supported? Will it be in the future?
    Thank you.

    spacedesk Marcel

    First of all: spacedesk is designed for use in the LAN (Local Area Network) only. Remote use is not supported. No plans for the future either….

    However, you are exploring interesting limits here…
    Thus we can take this a little bit further…

    You might want to try two more different approaches:
    1. Either try to connect with spacedesk HTML5 viewer
    2. Or try disabling spacedesk Server Discovery on Android Viewer App (small checkbox at the bottom). Then add the IP Address of the spacedesk Server again manually. Then it will immediately connect if Server is accessible on the network.

    Please let us know if one or both of these approaches work for you.


    The second solution works, thank you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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