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I have tried “Save All Information” three times and the designated output folder remains empty even after installing DebugView, running debug mode for the few seconds it takes to get 20GB of “Dedicated video memory” by wiggling a window on the remote display and turning it back off before clicking the button.

If it is a systemic problem, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to duplicate:
1- connect a remote display
2- open Task Manager in detail view showing dedicated GPU memory
3- wiggle a window on the remote display
4- watch the dedicated GPU memory rise by ~1GB/s for as long as the window is being wiggled on the remote display

The first time my computer mysteriously crashed from running out of memory was about a year ago. Whatever the issue might be, it isn’t a recent development.

I found DebugView’s log where SpaceView dumped its unpacked copy. No activity in there beyond the initial display connection chatter.

Since it is a VRAM-related issue, it is likely worth mentioning that I am using a GTX1050.

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