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Hi @qowmq,
Thank you very much for sending the dxdiag.

1. Please send us the debug logs for the app crash using DebugView. Just follow the steps below:
– download DebugView app here:
– extract the files from the zipped folder
– run the Dbgview.exe as Administrator
– make sure to only check the Capture -> Capture Win32 and Capture Events
– while DebugView is open, please run the spacedesk Windows 10 Viewer app and try to recreate the app crash issue
– you should find some “SA [xxxx:xxxx] …” traces in the DebugView, please save the logs and send it to us

2. Please also try with spacedesk Windows 7 Viewer app (desktop version 0.9.39) and check if you get the same app crash issue.