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Hi @09hjoesk,
Thank you very much for sending the requested logs.
Based on the setup logs, the uninstallation for spacedesk virtual HID device is hanging.
This is a known issue in that old installer version which we already fixed in the most recent version.
To solve this on your machine, please manually uninstall the spacedesk virtual HID device in Device Manager.

– open Device Manager by running “devmgmt.msc”
– click View tab -> Devices by connection
– scroll down and find spacedesk virtual HID Device
– expand first the spacedesk virtual HID Device and right-click “Uninstall device” each devices underneath it
– then right-click “Uninstall device” the spacedesk virtual HID Device

Then try again to update with the latest spacedesk installer (v1037).

For assistance, please also check the Uninstall on Windows Primary Machine -> Manual Uninstall (Troubleshooting Only)