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Hi @matt,
Can you further describe when you said USB tethering sometimes doesn’t work?
Is the private network cannot establish over USB tethering?
You can easily check in the spacedesk Driver Console -> Network -> Adapter Interface, if the Remote NDIS Adapter is active (this is the network adapter for USB tethering network).

As for the “Connected no internet” in hotspot setup, this is still good since spacedesk does not require internet connection, it only needs to be connected to a local area network.

In case you want to try the Android Debug Bridge Cable connection, just follow the steps below:
1. Connect your android device via USB and enable the USB debugging in the Developer options on your Android System settings.
2. Download Android SDK platform tools on your primary machine, then extract it.
3. Open command prompt on the primary machine, change the directory to your android SDK platform tools folder, then type the command: adb.exe reverse tcp:28252 tcp:28252
4. On your Android device, open the spacedesk Viewer app, and make sure to disable the auto-discovery by unchecking the LAN/WiFi box below.
5. Click the + button, then try to connect to IP address.

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