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I am sorry to say so, but this version does not auto-detect screen resolution as the previous ones, which is a big turndown for me and makes it almost impossible for me to use it …

Any plan to fix that maybe?
What I mean by auto-detect resolution.
When I run the client and maximize it in the previous – windows store version it automatically -when put fullscreen – detects the resolution of the screen, the one from – does not do this, or I have not found this anywhere reasonable. And yes, I was using MS store version
The version 0.9.37 Beta – The Resolutions dropdown menu is very unintuitive, as it looks like it is grayed out, I thought it is not usable for some reason, and only found out that it is there when I looked into the manual.
Any reason why you discontinued auto detection? Sry, but in this state, It is not usable for me enough to continue using it in this version, to try and reproduce the issue. Rolled back to 0.23 from store.