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Hi @mysteryroach,
Thanks for the feedback.

Could you please try the following:
1. Ping the IP address of your laptop from your desktop and vice versa and check if they are reachable to each other.
2. Did you also try with your antivirus disabled?
We noticed that you have Avira antivirus, can you quickly try with Avira disabled?


By the way about this:

Seems there’s a new version of Spacedesk now so I upgraded to that, but it didn’t fix anything. I noticed that I couldn’t click on the alert at the top of the Spacedesk console informing me of the new version, as it gives me the error “Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessable”. So I had to manually go to the download page myself to download the new version.

This is probably a browser error. Maybe you can try the Method 2 on the link below to fix it.

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