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@raya2 you are asking for a USB connection without USB tethering from your Android.

yes, my server is windows & my client is an android device. I want to bring my windows 10 screen to my android device. (It’s an android 10 device)

ok, but you could use USB tethering from your Android WITHOUT actually tethering your Androids internet.
Internet would still be used from your Windows machine. It even works completly without an internet connection.

My setup:
– server WIN10
– client Android tablet
1. connect Android & WIN10 computer via USB
2. start USB tethering @Android device
3. In WIN10 network settings check status for the USB tetheriung adapter to get the IP address and add this IP in the spacedesk client of your Android device

Important for NOT using Androids internet connection (LTE, …)
In WIN10 you need to change the metric in the IP4 settings of your USB tethering network adapter as mentioned in that topic

So even if you are using USB tethering from your android that does not automatically mean your are using your mobile data plan if that is the concern why you don’t wanna use USB tethering.